My hydradenitis one month after coming off Humira.

Hey guys how’s it going? I took Humira for seven months. It was working pretty good. I was probably about 30% dryer. But I was having bad side effects. Not really dangerous stuff but annoying stuff. My feet were swollen I look like a hobbit. And it was for a month or two so I had to come off. But I’m starting to regret it because my H.S. is coming back with a vengeance. Check out my most recent video here.

Also please check out my Facebook H.S. page. it’s a great community with people for H.S. to connect.

Humira and Hidradenitis

Humira and Hidradenitis. I have been on Humira about 3 months now. No changes yet with the HS. But it may take up to 6 months to see any change at all. Please stay tuned. I do post weekly videos on youtube to follow the humira progress as well. Thank you guys so much. Also please check out my facebook hs page. A nice group with HS sufferers from around the world.

Facebook for HShelp

Hello everyone I finally created a facebook page. I get tons of request. Please give it a like I dont have any likes yet. I just set it up. Just search HShelp. you will see my picture pop up. Thank you guys so much.