Hidradenitis suppurativa may have considerable psychological impact with depression owing to chronic pain, malodorous discharge and soiling of clothing, and involvement of anogenital areas.

Unfortunately my bout with HS has caused some depression especially as of late. believe it or not I used to be a decent looking guy but the HS has really taken this from me as well as my confidence. I have always wished I would have my own family with a wife and kids but with HS it is impossible to date. My case is so severe and it even grosses me out. People with HS find it very difficult to go on dates, etc. I have no confidence at all. I would be thinking does it stink? Is it leaking. Every time I get up from a chair i have to look and make sure I did not stain it with my HS.

So life for me at this point is very difficult. Some people just do not understand they may think i am lazy or whatever but the pain from my HS justs hold me back. Literally getting into some cars, etc is nearly impossible with the pain. And as most HS sufferers do they do not even tell friends and family.ย  It is just to embarrassing. But now I am at the point where depression is so bad that I meed to get this off my chest. I know i am talking to the air here on the net and most likely no one will even see this post but i hope they do. I just wish someone anyone can understand the pain I am going through.