General information and facts about hydradenitis.


I suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I am trying to build a community with other HS sufferers to create awareness of how serious this disease is.

5 thoughts on “General information and facts about hydradenitis.

  1. Keep fighting man, i suffer a 2nd level HS and i know how it hurts.. im 30 have it since 23 moreless… i ve never went to doctor cuse its really embarassing for me… this fucking HS its too crazy for me. I HATE IT, it ruined my life.

    Be strong man, regards.

  2. You are a wonderful man. I also suffer this terrible disease, I know what you’re talking about.
    Forgive my bad English, I’m Spanish (European)

  3. I want to tell you’re very brave. I know what you’re talking about, I suffer HS and Crohn’s disease. Both are autoimmune diseases and frequently appear together. Unfortunately, the two are difficult to treat and share discrete treatment efficacy. I hope you retain always a reason to keep fighting. A big hug.

  4. Just wondering if you ever smoke cigarettes or still smoke? I have not been formally diagnosed. Doctors keep telling me I have MRSA but refuse to take samples, give me meds that do nothing. Dealing with pretty severe depression because the doctors say I need to lose weight, I need to bathe often, I do everyday once to twice a day with dial, I have tried hibiclens, trying turmeric, and zinc supplements, and have tried to cut down on breads and pastas. Nothing works, I wish I could afford something like humira but not like anyone listens to me anyway. Any care tips would be appreciated, I am trying Lotrimin spray at the moment.

    1. I used to smoke when I quit 4 years ago my hs got worse lol. Please contact me directly on my hs Facebook. Pm me I’d love to give you advice or just talk. Everything you mentioned I can cover if it will help or not. Just search hshelpnow on Facebook.

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