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Hidradenitis suppurativa fighting bad depression!

Hi guys not to be a downer but man I am going through a very rough patch in life right now.


Hs name should be changed!

Hs should be changed to the loneliness disease. For the last two weeks I’ve literally been in bed things are so bad right now. People with hs are the strongest people alive I believe. I literally have not had human contact for over a year. No hugs nothing. It gets tough. But I will survive. Your comments help so much they literally help me get through the day. 

HS and dealing with the pain.

Today my HS pain is off the charts. I am at a 10 of 10 all day today since last night. My lymph nodes on my right leg are going crazy. As soon as my pain medicine wears off the pain is unbearable. I have literally been in bed all day. The only way I can get any relief is lying on my left side or standing. Unfortunately I can not stand very long. Any touch even the slightest whisper of a touch my right side goes into massive pain. Not a fun day! I know this massive pain will pass and I will never give up!. Thank you again everyone for reading my blog. Sorry this post is not very positive but it is real and it is my life.

Update! A new video to show you my Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Ahh man as you know this sucks. But I added another video. All of you with HS know how much this hurts. I am just trying to create some awareness to stop this disease!