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HS my ass! 

Here is as recent photo of my right  butt cheek. This is pretty much what it is like every day. They pain is constant and drainage is constant as well. As you can see it is working it’s way into my lymph nodes on my right thigh. That extra pain from that mixed with everything else is brutal.



Checking in!

Hello everyone sorry I have not posted in a while! This summer has been a killer on me. Same deal no relief. But I still stay positive. I will NEVER give up fighting Hidradenitis suppurativa. Obviously it is so frustrating for all of us. Everyone that does not have it thinks they have the cure and I have to hear them tell me 50 times a day on here and my youtube page. I truly appreciate every comment and I know everyone means well. But I have had this 27 years ive tried every soap ever made, every diet there is, every pill, natural or RX. But I will keep trying until I figure this out! When I do I will share it with the world.! I am on a mission to stop this lol! Thanks again everyone for reading and commenting. All comments mean the world to me.