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Hs is killing Me.

Hello. Today is just a very bad day. I’m In so much pain I can’t take this much longer. I will stay strong and fight through this, but man can I please have a break!!!!!


New Hidradenitis Suppurativa video. Please check it out.

Sugar and HS?

Hello everyone I hope your all doing well. I just wanted to give you an update on the book I mentioned I was reading and I do not have my final decision on it yet. I have to follow the protocol first. Its hard though it is basically wanting you to do the complete Paleo Diet. Eating all raw foods. People will argue there are good things about it and yes there is, but the food sucks bottom line. I am working on it though if it does work for me obviously id stick to it for life. So far I have cut out Sugar, Dairy and Gluten. It has been a month and so far I have no relief at all nothing. But there is still a long way to go so I will keep you updated. I am sure like the book mentions it can be one thing. I just need to find my trigger. So far no luck but I will do this until hopefully I find it.