Hello everyone. As you know scams against people with HS do not make me very happy. I have found and named quite a few of them. I have recently been in contact with the author of one of them. We have had a few email chats and I was not very nice because my beliefs are very strong on this subject. To make a long story short I am going to read the book and follow it to the T. This process will take some time of course. If I see any remission in my HS I will become this books number one supporter. Of course I am still skeptical very skeptical. But after talking to the author I truly believe she is a genuine caring person.

At first I thought she may have been into this for the money. I also believed she did not have HS. But I was proven wrong. So I am willing to give the book a chance to see what happens.

As you know I just got out of the hospital and i’ve only been out a week and all of my flares are back. So I am willing to give it a try. My last hospital visit was for about 5 days and was the worst pain of my life. So I am looking for anyway to never feel that again.

And again there is NO CURE for HS. Maybe remission hopefully. But it will never go away for good. But as all of us with HS know any day without pain is a good day!