Hello everyone just wanted to share my latest update. I have been taking 5 antibiotic pills per day as mentioned before. But I have to take break I take them for ten days but then I have to take a week or so off leaving me just taking one pill. Of course they come back to full within one day of not taking them. Even when I am taking five they just shrink a little and not all the time. It has been about three months and I see very little success. But It had also been tearing my stomach apart. So I started taking Super Pro Biotics and that does seem to help. You know I wish I could have a week without pain I would be the happiest person alive. When my flare ups are this bad like they are now. The ones on my right butt cheek literally create pain all the way down my right leg. I have to take two pain killers before I can get out of bed to just function. I am 42 years old and the older I get this HS gets worse. I just wonder how I am going to be able to deal with this into my 50’s or 60’s. I am sure I will find a way to cope but it just seems impossible sometimes.