This was about ten days ago I ended up in the ER. They lanced it for me. Wow the pain was crazy. This is not where I usually get my HS but it happened and it sucks. It is looking way better now but very raw. But there is good news. The dr. gave me Cephalexin. I took 4 a day for 10 days along with 1 a day of doxycycline. WOW all of my areas are the calmest they have been in a year. They just ended today, but My regular Dr. gave me 10 days more for as soon as they start to flair again. I am sure they will flair soon but now I know something for a fact that will calm them down. So again talk to your Dr. about this. I also have been prescribed morphine for the chronic pain. So we will see how that works. A week without pain would be amazing!