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HS on my finger?

This was about ten days ago I ended up in the ER. They lanced it for me. Wow the pain was crazy. This is not where I usually get my HS but it happened and it sucks. It is looking way better now but very raw. But there is good news. The dr. gave me Cephalexin. I took 4 a day for 10 days along with 1 a day of doxycycline. WOW all of my areas are the calmest they have been in a year. They just ended today, but My regular Dr. gave me 10 days more for as soon as they start to flair again. I am sure they will flair soon but now I know something for a fact that will calm them down. So again talk to your Dr. about this. I also have been prescribed morphine for the chronic pain. So we will see how that works. A week without pain would be amazing!




Oh the pain of Hidradenitis Suppurativa!

I have had this recent fair up for over 3 months now and it is not getting better. The pain today is just horrible. The pain from my back side is now into my right leg and goes down to the knee. I cant sleep, I cant sit longer than 2 minutes it is rough. But Like all of us with HS we deal. So I can either stand all day or lay down on my left side. Hopefully this flair up passes soon so I can have a month or two without pain.