Ok I have a few things to cover. First this has been one of the worst months I have ever had for leakage. This sound nuts but it is true. in one month I have used 60 rolls of two inch micropore paper tape. And 800 4 x 4 gauze pads. I have to change so many times a day it is friggin crazy. hopefully this lightens up soon this stuff gets very expensive. 

On another note. for the last month I have also been on a light card diet, trying to lower my blood sugar and it is working. But if anything my HS is worse. I mean a whole month of healthy food. My body and everything else feels great but it has done nothing to hate hs. Like I mention above this month is bad. I literally can not sit in the same spot longer than 2 to 3 minutes because of the pain. So I find myself standing around my house all day and this gets really boring lol. 

And on a disgusting note. Yesterday the HS under my arm was ready to break so I squeezed it and somehow it went up and directly into my left eye. Not fun! I never thought my HS would require safety goggles.