There is a book out and I dont want to mention names but it is written by a female and she claims to sure HS. I have done a very in depth investigation and it is a complete scam. I am going to do everything in my power to shut it down. Last month I mus have received about 30 emails of people telling me to buy the book it worked for them. Even though they emailed me before the book was out lol.

Well the creator of the book hires people and ask them to claim they have the disease. They try to push the books hard to HS blobs and videos. Here is what she does.

Affiliates start out earning 20% of all sales, with the potential to earn even more. High-earning affiliates can earn up to 50% of every sale! Higher earnings or extra commissions will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. To qualify for higher earnings, you must be an active affiliate and must generate sufficient sales.

So I did contact these people and told them I know they are a scam. I asked them to donate a book. They did email me back and asked for my blog. Obviously once they seen how passionate I am about this disease and know they are a scam all communication has stopped. So my friends please do not buy into this garbage. Oh I also forgot to mention she has no before and after pictures lol. So again please do not buy this stuff. There is no cure and when they do find one I will be the first inline to support it. Living with HS is hard enough without being prey to scam artist.