I am living proof smoking does not affect HS. I quit smoking in July and this December is the worst flare ups I have had since December 2011 when I was hospitalized for a week. I have not had a smoke for 5 1/2 months and not one thing with my hs has changed if anything it is worse. Right now I am leaking dark purple stuff. This is the stuff that stinks bad. I can shower and change all bandages and I smell within 3 minutes. This December has been the worst smell of all time. I have had people comment like wtf is that smell. It sucks. I had an eye Dr. appointment a few weeks ago and they put me in a small room OMG the room smelled so bad I was ashamed and embarrassed big time. After 25 years of this I am still embarrassed and ashamed. 

People think I may be lazy or what ever but it is hard to be around people or do anything. When I go to the store to get groceries or whatever I shower and go as fast as I can before the smell kicks in. This December I went through 12 rolls of 3 inch tape and 800 4×4 gauze pads that how bad this friggin leakage is. 

Two other things I wanted to mention. Over November and December I have used two different soaps. No difference with either.

1. African black soap was great for my skin but does nothing fo HS.

2. Dial antioxidant soap, same nothing. But was nice on the skin.

I will be trying more this year and I will let you all know what happens. Again than you so much for reading and Happy New Year!