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It’s back!

As you can see in my last few post this thing is out of hand. Now this most recent one is back already, but the hole the Dr. cut is still there thankfully and it broke pretty quickly. Only bad thing is it is in my armpit and leaks like crazy. So I have my whole armpit bandaged which is a huge pain. And it stinks!



Here you can see in this pic I had something going on. Every time I woke up my bed was soaked with sweat.

photo (2)

My worst bout with hidradenitis suppurativa to date.

Sorry for my lack of updates in the past few days. On Tuesday I went to the hospital to have this thing drained and it turned into a nightmare. I drove myself in to the ER. The Dr. drained it things seemed normal. Only thing I did not like was I had to wait 25 minutes for them to clean it off of me and to bandage it up. But I still felt good. About 5 minutes after leaving the hospital I felt like I was going to DIE. Some how I made it home. I went straight to bed I literally could not move. I started to feel freezing cold. Somehow I had a very very bad reaction. I had low temp then a high fever. I can handle pain and sickness very well but Tuesday was the sickest I have ever been in my life. I literally thought I was going to DIE. My blood sugar went up over 400 and my temp ranged from 96 to 102.5.

When the DR. cut me open he made a big mistake. When he was squeezing all of the pus out he squeezed quite a bit of it back into my body. And I have had these drained at least 50 times in my life but never had this reaction. I do think this DR. was a bit careless. So that being said today is Sunday 5 days later and I am just starting to feel better. No more fever. I have had HS for 25 years and this was the sickest I have ever become and it sucks bad. I truly felt so horrible I thought I was going to die. I had a headache that finally let up yesterday it was crazy. My head felt like it was in a vice. But I am alive I am not giving up that easy!!!!!!!!!!!

I took this picture in the hospital right before they cut it (1)

Day 5!

This is day 5 waiting for the thing to break. I think it is about 2 or 3 days away from that. You can see all the scarring under my arm. These things are ruining my skin and it sucks. The bad thing about hs like this is, is that it is to small go to the hospital as it is not ready to be cut. So you basically have to deal with the pain until it breaks. And this one is in a bad spot when your arm touched your body. I just hope it is gone by the 4th of July!DSC03221