Hello everyone, as you know my HS is terrible seriously I do not know how I live with it. Pain 24/7 but I  will stay strong. But now as you see in the pic I have a Granuloma annulare. No pain just itches. This started as the size of a dime on my forearm and as you can see it is now my whole arm. If you look under how my forearm it is wrinkled from it as it grows it leaves scar tissue. When they first tested it they told me it was leukemia and I was going to die. So I went to mayo and they told me what it really was. But now it is growing rapidly and I am totally freaking out. You can see it growing down my hand. I am going to freak when it reached my finger’s I am so afraid my normal hand function will be gone. like I mentioned my whole arm is scar flappy tissue and it feels weird. I don’t know I just wanted to share this with you guys to see if anyone has a Granuloma annulare. It is not my only one I have one growing on m leg as well. Thanks again for reading and listening to me freak out. Kinda scared!