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Hidradenitis Suppurativa sucks! Very painful day.

Pretty rough day today. This one is under my left arm and is getting big really fast. I hope it goes away by the 4th I am hosting a party and do not want to be miserable.



I am not ready for this one!

I am not looking forward to this new growth. It is under my left arm. It is actually an old one but had not flared in over a year. But it is growing super fast. And it hurts. But on a good note my new dr is amazing and very knowledgable. And guess what? He gave me some pain meds! And thank god he did I am going to need them with this flare up!


New DR. Today!

I am going to see a new DR. today. I hope all goes well. I did some research and he seems pretty cool. Hopefully I can get some pain medicine!

Granuloma annulare is getting worse as well.

Hello everyone, as you know my HS is terrible seriously I do not know how I live with it. Pain 24/7 but I ¬†will stay strong. But now as you see in the pic I have a Granuloma annulare. No pain just itches. This started as the size of a dime on my forearm and as you can see it is now my whole arm. If you look under how my forearm it is wrinkled from it as it grows it leaves scar tissue. When they first tested it they told me it was leukemia and I was going to die. So I went to mayo and they told me what it really was. But now it is growing rapidly and I am totally freaking out. You can see it growing down my hand. I am going to freak when it reached my finger’s I am so afraid my normal hand function will be gone. like I mentioned my whole arm is scar flappy tissue and it feels weird. I don’t know I just wanted to share this with you guys to see if anyone has a Granuloma annulare. It is not my only one I have one growing on m leg as well. Thanks again for reading and listening to me freak out. Kinda scared!


PAIN! hidradenitis suppurativa, the pain never ends!

Some seriously bad pain today. Today it is located at my waist line and it SUCKS! Monday the 24th I am going too a new Dr. Hopefully this one has a clue. Like I mentioned a few post ago this is the worst pain ever and I am going through advil like candy. So hopefully he will give me something stronger.

More pain. Hidradenitis Suppurativa sucks!

Well that did not last long. Today left armpit is friggin killing me. I can barely lift my arm. And just yesterday was pain free. Well at least I had one day without pain and 50 advil.

Feeling pretty good today!

Hello everyone I just wanted to say I am actually having a pain free day. No pain meds for a day is nice. And I just wanted to thank everyone who views my blog and I truly appreciate all the comments, thank you so much!