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Woke up in MASS pain.

Today I woke up and every thing is flared. And I mean all of them. Man I wish I knew why or how this happens. It sucks so bad, today will be a heavy dose of advil day!


I can not get testosterone shots

I went to the Urologist the other day to discuss getting the testosterone shots. I informed of of my HS and we decided it would not be a good idea to get these shots. It could really cause havoc on my HS. And myself do not want to risk that at all. Right now as we speak I already have a huge flair up. Right now it is the biggest I have had since December 2011. So I had to say no the the shot for now. I am going to try some natural things to try and raise my testosterone level. Thanks again for reading it truly means so much to me.

Trying to raise money.

Hello my friends I have started a donation account I am trying to raise funds so I can get some better medical care.

Low testosterone and vitamin D.

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my site and reading about my story. I found a great new Dr. and we took tons of test this week, and we learned some interesting things. First my testosterone is very low. Normal is 300 and above mine is 109, and second my vitamin D is extremely low. It should be above 30 mine is 10. So this will lead to tons more testing to hopefully determine and underlying cause for my HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA. Again I thank you so much for reading please comment and share if you can.