Worst day!

Wow I had a huge week this week on Tuesday morning December 13th I was rushed to the hospital for the huge growth cyst on my groin. On Wednesday the performed surgery to remove the cyst and clean out the infected area. The surgery took nearly two hours things were so bad. The cyst was on the left side of my groin and grew to the size of a baseball, but then it started leaking into my groin and my groin swelled HUGE. You can see a few pictures in the picture section. This was serious so painful I thought I was going to die. The Dr. Told me I was very close to losing my testicles. He said if I waited another day I would have. I was hospitalized util Friday night. From Tuesday through Friday I was on an IV of antibiotics. I did not sleep the whole week the pain was so bad. It is Sunday now and I am at home feeling much better. The groin in packed with gauze and i have medical home care taking care of the wound for the next 7 days. I mus say out of the 23 years i have suffered with HS this was the worst i literally thought I was going to die!