Hello, I have a second growth growing on the right side of my neck at the jaw line. Up until this point for the last 24 years all of my HS has been in hidden areas. Armpits, waist line, inner thighs and butt. Now I have 2 small cyst on my neck that are VERY visible. The one on the center of my neck is leaking like crazy. I hate when they are visible like this it is very embarrassing. I did go to the DR. yesterday so he can document and track these in my medical file.

On another note I am also currently experiencing inner thigh rash. I did some research and was not happy with what I read lol.

The inner thigh rash is normally caused by poor hygiene, leaving this area of the body as a good spot for many different microorganisms causing unpleasant smells as well as infections.

lol, ok this makes me feel worse. I shower minimum two times a day so was not happy with this answer. The Dr. confirmed it is a fungus. It does not help that I have massive HS in my inner thighs. So I go the the pharmacy to get the medicine the Dr. prescribed and of course it is not covered by my insurance. So I am now looking for natural remedies.

Right now it is so painful and itches like crazy, for the last 5 days it has literally kept me up all night long, especially mixing it with the pain from my HS.