Today was a pretty good day pain wise. But this smell is driving me nuts. I went out to eat with a group of 3 friends for lunch and I had to leave because the smell was getting bad. They did not notice but I did and I had to get out of there. and do not get me wrong I bandage everything very good before I ever go anywhere but sometimes the smell just creeps out and it stinks man I hate it. It is so embarrassing. And everyone wonders why I am becoming a hermit. A lot of  my friends do not know the severity of this. Like I said it is rather embarrassing. It is just impossible to explain. Everyone that does not have it thinks that it can go away, just try this med or this cream and i tell them nothing works trust me I have had this for 25 years and I have tried everything possible from meds to herbs to every magic potion available. But some still think they know everything. Trust me if I could get rid of it I would.