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Huge Hidradenitis Suppurativa flair up today!

Woke up today with huge flair ups. None of the ones that usually drain are draining. It is weird how some close when they flair. I will be posting on this particular flair up with pics and daily activity. Thanks again so much for reading!


Tried to work. Lasted less than one day.

So I have some updated’s. For the past year and a half I have been unable to work. The pain and smell of my problem limits pretty much everything I do in life. I have not dated in a long time and have not worked. It is impossible. I applied for a job selling cars and was hired. I started last Monday the 19th of September. Literally 3 hours into the job I had to go. The smell and pain were so unbearable I could not handle it. I tried to show someone a car and the smell was just friggin disgusting. This guy must have been like wtf is that. I was so embarrassed it was terrible.

One good thing came out of this I did find some bandages called ABD pads. These do hold the fluids longer than the regular bandages I have been using for the last 15 years. But again they do not mask any smell.

So needless to say work of any sort is impossible. Besides the leakage and having to change bandages all day long is the PAIN. Like I have mentioned in the past I can only control the pain with 4 advil at a time. And I know this is taking a toll on my body and it sucks!

So again thank you for reading and listening to my rants.

New Medicine

My. Doctor put me on a new medicine about 2 weeks ago. Things have been getting worse, all of my areas have huge flair ups right now. I wish they would invent a medicine that actually works! That would be nice. For my pain to subside a little I need to take 4 Advil every 4 hours. They put me on some other pain killers that do nothing!