I am back from the HS Dead!

Hi guys man I am sorry I have been gone so long. I have done a few pretty big HS studies. one of them leaving parts of my body permanently damaged.  But that’s ok I will continue until I find the cure. Please check out my HS FB I am very active there. Please check it out and please feel free to shoot me and email anytime.

Thank you so much,




My HS Facebook



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My hydradenitis one month after coming off Humira.

Hey guys how’s it going? I took Humira for seven months. It was working pretty good. I was probably about 30% dryer. But I was having bad side effects. Not really dangerous stuff but annoying stuff. My feet were swollen I look like a hobbit. And it was for a month or two so I had to come off. But I’m starting to regret it because my H.S. is coming back with a vengeance. Check out my most recent video here.

Also please check out my Facebook H.S. page. Facebook.com/hshelpnow it’s a great community with people for H.S. to connect.